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Shanmukhi Mudra is one mudra which gives a glimpse of deep Meditation in few minutes.

Shanmukhi mudra is a yogic hand gesture that represents closing the six gates of perception – the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. The term comes from the Sanskrit, Shan, meaning “six”; Mukhi, meaning “face” or “gate”; and mudra, meaning “gesture,” “mark” or “seal.

Formation of Mudra – Sit in a Sahaj asana, Ardha Padmasana or Padmasana with spine erect and hand and shoulder relax. Both the hands should be raised to the level of face, forearms should be at the level of shoulders. Block the earholes with thumbs. Close the eyelids and place index finger on the upper part of the eyelids and middle finger at the lower part of eyelids gently. The eyeballs are fixed between the ring and middle fingers. Now slightly press both nostrils with ring fingers. Put small finger at the upper lip. Breath slowly.


By closing all the outlets of the five senses body gets energy from mooladhar chakra, energy passes upward. Due to the upward movement of energy through all chakras, the brain becomes alert and active. Breath slowly and be in this position for 10 – 15 minutes. In this state, one will hear a low but distinct sound produced within this sound is Omkar(cosmic sound).


1) By reciting omkar the brain gets better blood circulation and is rejuvenated.

2) Kundalini energy gets activated and one becomes bright.

3) Practicing this mudra, the power of thinking and memory becomes strong. It is very beneficial for children.

4) It calms the nervous system and gives mental peace, prepares you for meditation.

5) It helps in conditions of mental tension, high blood pressure, anxiety very effective on the type of dementia related to memory.

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